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Welcome! WAAS is dedicated to those in society who’s voices have been suppressed. Whether it’s the homeless, an everyday person, incredible artwork, or even myself, this blog will help give a voice to the silent. We all have a unique story….I want to share yours!

The more time I spend getting to know people, the more I really understand how different all of our lives are. Your story doesn’t just make you unique or special, it’s helps define who you as a person as well. Many of us believe it’s the great things we’ve done that makes us who we are. In actuality, it’s the adversity we’ve faced, the trails and tribulations, the hurt and the pain, and whether we stand back up after falling down. We suppress our pain when we should embrace and love it. Open your heart and use your gift of speech and creativity by sharing the pain in your life. Share with me your story because We Are All Safe (WAAS).